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ERA press conference

Through record engagement and activism, the women of this country helped deliver the Democratic majority and the most diverse Congress in history. We have been at the forefront of the fight for equal pay, affordable health care, including reproductive health care, and freedom from violence and discrimination. Our agenda reflects the common theme that when women have access to the tools they need to succeed their communities and the world are more peaceful and prosperous. The Democratic Women’s Caucus recognizes that there is a wide array of legislation that would benefit the lives of women and their families across the country. These issues are interconnected, and true equality cannot exist until all people are able to live freely with dignity, autonomy, and economic security. We believe the following priorities are a starting point toward those goals and are not an exhaustive or comprehensive list. Many other priorities – such as passing comprehensive immigration reform; combatting poverty and homelessness; increasing the number of women in leadership and on corporate boards; and building a National Women’s History Museum – are significant for the Democratic Women’s Caucus.
Women in class

Women deserve economic opportunity, security, and policies that recognize the demands of work and family.

domestic violence day awareness ribbon

Women and girls deserve to feel safe and secure in all aspects of life.

Gay Pride Flag

Women and LGBTQI+ individuals deserve dignity and equality under the law.


Women deserve quality, affordable health care, and to have control over their own bodies.

Military Women

Women servicemembers and veterans deserve our recognition, support and respect.

Sri Lankan School girls

Women and girls around the world deserve education, economic opportunity, safety, and health care, including reproductive freedom.